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This under mattress air circulation system reduces pooling
of in-tent condensation.

Our constant efforts to improve sleeping comfort have led us to offer the Anti- Condensation System. Positioned between the mattress and the floor platform, this accessory really improves air circulation and protects against condensation in humid climates. It also adds a slight cushioning effect which enhances comfort.

Made from a lightweight (450g/m2 - 15 oz./square yard), 3/8 thick expanded polypropylene mesh, the Anti-Condensation System allows a free flow of air between tent base and the bottom of the mattress, providing positive protection against under mattress condensation. The lightweight mesh construction is compression resistant (1 ton/meter2 ) and is available in three sizes to fit all Maggiolina and Columbus models. Please specify size/model number when ordering.

Size Part Number Dimensions Price
Small ACS/30-S 47” X 82” $ 190
Medium ACS/30-M 55” X 82” $ 205
Large ACS/30-L 62-1/2” X 84” $ 225