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Expedition trailer with OverCamp roof top tent
Maggilina roof top tent on 4X4 trailer
Maggiolina roof top tent on 4X4 trailer

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AutoHome Roof Top Tents on 4X4 Trailers

Our roof top tents lend themselves very well to use on 4X4 camping trailers. They can be mounted on a pair of crossbars or directly to the trailer rails or lid, whichever suits your needs. Our tents have even been used as trailer cargo covers with pneumatic struts to raise them for access to cargo.

An off-road trailer with a roof top tent is a very adaptable system for camping or expeditions. The tent may be used on the vehicle or on the trailer. It can even be left at home for those times only a trailer will do, like a run to the nursery for landscaping materials.

There are a couple of off-road trailer manufacturers who offer AutoHome roof top tents as options or standard equipment on their trailers —Adventure Trailers, and 4X4 Trailers—great products, check them out.

Off-road tralier with OverCamp roof top tent
Dual AutoHome OverCamp  roof top tent on off-road camping trailer
AutoHome Maggiolina tent on 4X4 trailer
AutoHome rooftop tent on off-road trailer