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Autohome US
Columbus roof top tent in the Alps
Interior of Columbus roof top tent Headroom is more than adequate. The Columbus offers more headroom than any other hardtop roof top tent.


AutoHome Columbus roof top tent
Comfort, simplicity, and convenience

Perfect for a weekend away or a lengthy trek,, the Columbus™ Variant and our new Columbus Carbon Fiber offer simplicity, fast and easy setup, light weight, and aerodynamic design to go where you go—on any automobile, truck, van or 4X4 vehicle.

Like the Maggiolina, the Columbus Variant and Columbus Carbon Fiber have excellent access—from either side or from the rear. The internal gas rams effortlessly open the tent in seconds. Packing the tent for travel is just as fast and easy. Bedding is carried in place, so there is nothing to do except open the latch, give the tent top a gentle push, unzip the doors, set up the ladder, and get comfortable.

The Columbus is unique— it is built on an internal sub-frame incorporating an insulating foam sandwich construction. The subframe is so strong and light that these tents, unlike other rooftop tents, do not require an expedition basket to support them. They mount directly to standard roof rack cross bars, such as Thule or Yakima. This insulated design also minimizes condensation under the mattress. If water does get into the tent, it is channeled away from the mattress.

The Columbus tent opens in an instant thanks to the two special gas springs that lift the top while keeping the fabric tensioned.

AutoHome Columbus roof top tent - closing
  Airtex Columbus tent fabric
Columbus Variant Fabric
Columbus Carbon tent fabric
Columbus Carbon Fabric
Our Fabric
Airtex® fabric is used in the Columbus Variant. The performance of this fabric assures:

Breathability—allows respiration of moisture that would otherwise condense inside the tent, causing discomfort and the potential for mildew.

Waterproof—no treatment is necessary, the fabric will shed water and the tent can be packed when wet and will not rot or discolor

Fade resistance is assured because the color is built-in before the fabric is woven.

Tear, mold, crease and abrasion resist, the fabric will not become brittle, shrink, or expand in extremes of temperature.

The fabric will function perfectly in extremes of temperature—from -22°F (-30° C) to 160°F (70° C).

High quality finish offers a smooth touch with maximum sound and light blocking capabilities

* Permissible top loads vary depending on the weight limits of your cross bar system, the specifications for your vehicle, and the size tent you choose.