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Maggiolina roof top tent at camp
Steve Broyles' Maggiolina and 'Sandcruiser'
“… we used our Maggiolina pretty heavily for a year in Central America. We probably spent 100-200 nights in it. Until you've tried one, you can't imagine how much more convenient and comfortable they are.”
Steve and Jocelyn Broyles
Maggiolina Fabric
The fabric used in Maggiolina tents is the finest engineered tenting fabric available.
  • This breathable fabric allows the respiration of moisture that would otherwise condense inside the tent, causing discomfort and the potential for mildew.
  • Waterproof—no treatment is necessary, the fabric sheds water and the tent may be packed for travel even in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Fade resistance is assured because the color is built-in before the fabric is woven.
  • Wear, crease and abrasion resistant, the fabric will not shrink or expand in extremes of temperature.
  • The fabric will function perfectly in extremes—from 22 below zero (-30° C) to 160° (70° C).
  • High quality finish offers a smooth touch with maximum sound and light blocking capabilities.




Durable, weather-tight, and comfortable—
the World's most refined roof top tent

New! The Maggiolina Air Top — a 'crossover' model with the best features of the Maggiolina and Columbus models.

New! AirLand is available in EXTRA LONG!
The mattress on the new Maggiolina Airland XL is 80 inches long—Big people can stretch out and be comfortable.

New! Maggiolina Carbon Fiber— Now available in tuff, lightweight carbon fiber composite, this Maggiolina has all the great features of a top of the lne roof tent, and significantly lower weight.

Proven worldwide in the harshest conditions and continually refined for decades, the Maggiolina models are made to last, with outstanding performance in any weather. These are true four season tents. Insulated so that they warm quickly, they withstand high winds very well, and are equipped with many standard features for functionality and comfort.

All AutoHome roof top tents are supplied ready for use right out of the box—just mount to your standard roof rack cross bars, add bedding, and go!

The Maggiolina roof top tent is unique— it is built on an internal sub-frame incorporating insulating foam sandwich construction. The subframe is so strong and light that these tents, unlike other rooftop tents, do not require an expedition basket to support them. They mount directly to standard roof rack cross bars, such as Thule or Yakima. This insulated design also minimizes condensation under the mattress. If water does get into the tent, it is channeled away from the mattress.

The slim, aerodynamic fiberglass shell of the Maggiolina is made of durable, high quality fiberglass—laid up by hand in the AutoHome factory. The result is a smooth, washable, easily maintained exterior that will last for many years of hard use. Tough and long-lasting, this design appeals for other reasons—it is dust and waterproof, and offers minimal air resistance while traveling.

Selecting the right Maggiolina for your needs

Maggiolina Air Top » Our newest model is a hybrid combining the efficient form factor of the Maggiolina with the ease of opening, access, and airiness of the Columbus. The easy opening gas rams employed in the Columbus model are combined with the comfort and security of the Maggiolina to provide unparalleled usability in any weather. As a bonus, the usable space is greater than the standard Maggiolina.
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Maggiolina Grand Tour » The Grand Tour is the latest Maggiolina — a top-of-the-line tent with more headroom and advanced features – designed for ultimate comfort — available in three sizes to fit both your needs and your vehicle.
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Maggiolina AirLand » The AirLand is our answer to high gas prices— a stream-lined, low profile tent with unique features and big comfort — available in three sizes to fit both your needs and your vehicle.
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Maggiolina Carbon Fiber » The Maggiolina design has been long been acclaimed world-wide as the benchmark in mobile overland camping shelters and is now available in a super light, super strong carbon fiber model that appeals to quality and weight conscious adventure travelers.
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Maggiolina Extreme »
Popular with expeditions and off-road travelers worldwide, the Extreme is built extra tough, with an extra thick fiberglass shell to withstand extreme punishment.
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Maggiolina comfort Maggiolina screening
All Maggiolina models are supplied with a removable, closed cell foam mattress 3.1” (8 cm) thick. Washable, zip off cotton covers and pillows are supplied standard. Insect screening is standard for all openings, easily opened and closed with quality zip fasteners
Maggiolina access Maggiolina areodynamics
Access to the Maggiolina is from either side, and a strong, stable, adjustable alloy ladder is supplied with each tent. With its aerodynamic shape and low mounting position, the Maggiolina has the lowest possible aerodynamic drag when traveling.
Maggiolina rain diversion Maggiolina interior features
Windows, doors, and side vents have rain diversion and may be opened to vent the tent even in a rain.  For your convenience, there are four removable internal pockets for the storage of personal items close at hand.