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Kids love camping – Zoe Cramer in her folks' OverLand
The OverLand is available in three sizes:
  OverLand roof top tent small OverLand roof top tent medium OverLand roof top tent large
  Small—1.3m Medium—1.6m Large—1.8m
Weight: 95 lbs. (43 kg) 108 lbs. (49 kg) 125-1/2 lbs. (57 kg)

W x L x H (in./cm)

51” x 43-1/4” x 11-3/4”
130 x 110 x 30
63” x 43-1/4” x 11-3/4”
160 x 110 x 30
71” x 43-1/4” x 11-3/4”
180 x 110 x 30
W x L x H (in./cm)

51” x 87” x 49-1/4”
130 x 220 x 125

63” x 87” x 49-1/4”
160 x 220 x 125
71” x 87” x 49-1/4”
180 x 220 x 125
Fabric Color: Carbon Grey Carbon Grey Carbon Grey
Model No. OLC//01 OLC//02 OLC/03
Price: $1999* $2199* $2399*
  * Shipping not included
OverLand roof top tent fabric

The OverLand is constructed of K200, a proven 420g certified acrylic/cotton canvas—durable, waterproof and breathable down to 22 degrees below zero. For more information on this and other engineering details of the OverLand go to ANATOMY

AutoHome OverLand vehicle roof top tent
An advanced, rugged and versatile fabric tent

The OverLand™ is a proven expedition tenthat offers many refinements not found in ordinary fabric tents. The OverLand opens to the side of the vehicle, offering unobstructed access to the vehicle’s rear cargo area. The tent may also be easily changed to open to the rear of the vehicle. Choose this rugged model if you want the largest possible tent in the smallest possible package.

The Overland incorporates a revolutionary Automatic Ladder Security Sytem (ALSS) that ensures absolute stability and safe use of the tent in all ground conditions. The alloy ladder has two adjustment points to accomodate mounting on off-road trailers, pick-up bed rails, and has the height to provide access to tall 4X4 vehicles.

The tent platform is micro-laminated hardwood, fully encapsulated with durable, pebble finish plastic, all metal fittings are finished for corrosion resistance. The tent stores with sturdy compression straps, and is stowed for travel under a very heavy duty PVC cover, attached under the tent platform with a strong elastic cord.

The OverLand roof top tent is the perfect tent for families and adventure travelers. Unlike many 'safari-style' tents, the OverLand evolved from the requirements of the most experienced and demanding travelers on four continents, and is at home in the harshest environments.. The OverLand employs many technological innovations and refinements over other fabric tents.

OverLand - Positive locking alloy ladder
OverLand roof top tent folded
The ladder has a simple to operate mechanism allowing full adjustment and locking—even in the dark. The ladder is quickly collapsed and is packed with the tent, under the tough PVC travel cover.
OverLand roof top tent interior
OverLand roof top tent tensioning cords
The roof struts are covered with fabric to eliminate internal condensation —keeping occupants dry in humid conditions. The OverLand is fitted with internal elastic cords to ensure that the fabric walls are snug when set up, and fold out of the way when stowing the tent.
OverLand roof top tent inscet screens
OverLand roof top tent awning
The door and window openings are equipped with tough, see-through mosquito netting secured by zip fasteners, independent of the door flaps. The doors can be rolled up and secured out of the way, or serve double duty as awnings, braced by metal supports on each side.
OverLand roof top tent interior pockets
OverLand roof top tent secures bedding
Each tent has two large storage pockets for personal items on the inside. Elastic straps secure bedding when the tent is packed.