Some people dream, other’s pack their gear and go.

AutoHome roof tents enable your dreams of freedom and independence. Some of our friends and customers passionately follow their dreams great distances. Here are a few true stories.

The Great Escape

Patricia and German’s great escape

Just over 10 years ago, Patricia and German, who both hail from San Nicolàs, Argentina, decided that their lives were in desperate need of change. At the time they were living a typical urban life in one of the largest, most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America: Buenos Aires. Tired of the rat race, they began planning their “great escape” to drive through the Americas from south to north, one village at a time, to discover for themselves the landscapes, people and traditions that make up the Latin American identity.

The odyssey would be called “Amunches”, which means “travellers” in the old Mapuche tongue of Patagonia. The journey they would embark on would take a year and a half. After setbacks dealt by Argentina’s economic situation, sponsors were needed and the pair managed to attract companies such as Land Rover, Royal Dutch Shell, Bridgestone and Telefònica who responded to their calls—the trip was on.

Having encountered many adventures and new people on their journey through South America, the couple and their Land Rover Defender 110 successfully negotiated Panama during the rainy season and are preparing for the next leg of the journey—through Mexico and into the Western Unites States—all the way to Alaska. Photos: Patricia Fehr. Story: Ciryl Mischler


Steve & Jocelyn Broyles epic adventure

Steve and “Bebe” are a young married couple who decided to run off to Costa Rica and make a new life. Eventually, after driving all over the place, and a lot of setbacks, some of them voluntary, they arrive in Costa Rica and explore the country. Now living in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Steve and Jo surf, travel around Guanacaste, pal around with their friends, and work some too.

“I couldn’t possibly endorse a rooftop tent more strongly than I have. If you camp frequently, or if you are on any sort of expedition where you travel, camp, travel, camp… a rooftop tent is FANTASTIC and well worth the expense.”

Hong Kong to Belgium Overland

Kathleen and Christian in Asia

This story starts in Hong Kong with an HZJ70 Landcruiser ‘troopie’ that, with a Belgian couple, begins an overland journey to Brussels, a adventure of 60,000 km (37,500 miles) spanning 14 months.

“We had been living in Hong Kong for several years and had asked ourselves: “What do we do when we leave Hong Kong?” Do we just pack our belongings and board a plane to fly to the next destination? Twelve hours in a plane seat to be dropped into a different world?

“On April 1st, we made it from Hong Kong across the border into mainland China and started our journey back to Belgium! The road lead us through Pakistan, India, Nepal and Iran before reaching Turkey. There we changed our plans and decided to check the Middle East instead of returning straight to Europe. One thing led to another and we visited part of North Africa as well! The trip turned out to be 14 months instead of 9 and 60,000 km instead of the 25,000 km planned!.” Read about it at

Balum Expedition

François & Sandra Deroeux

François came to the US from France in 1989, where he raced motorcycles and automobiles and has a passion for driving anything on wheels. He is well known for his preparedness, sense of adventure and exploration. His fluency in several languages helps him to travel among people from many cultures.

Sandra is a degreed psychologist, who had a stable seven-year position with the State of California, which meant a cubicle and the occasionally disgruntled tax-paying customer. Francois and Sandra married in 1997 and by the end of that year, they had decided on extended travel in her native Mexico and beyond.

“Trust us, after sleeping in a Maggiolina Roof Tent, you will never want to pitch a classical camping tent on the ground again.”