The world’s most advanced roof top tent!

The Columbus Carbon Fiber™ is the most technologically advanced roof tent in the world. Lighter by almost half compared with any other roof tent, and strong as steel, the Columbus Carbon Fiber is the ultimate roof top tent.

AutoHome was the first company to build and perfect a fiberglass rooftop shelter, now we are offering the Columbus Carbon Fiber—the first roof top tent in the world with an outer shell made entirely from Carbon Fiber! Its light weight and technical features make it absolutely unique.

The biggest benefits of the Columbus Carbon Fiber are its light weight and strength. The new Columbus Carbon Fiber is almost 25% lighter than the Columbus Variant models, while the overall design, fabric, and features are similar to the Columbus Variant.

The Carbon Fiber outer shell has strength properties similar to steel—but without the weight.

The Columbus Carbon Fiber has the same advanced features of the Columbus Variant—2 inner side pockets, ceiling mounted inner cargo net, height adjustable alloy ladder, removable inner ‘cross over’ elastic cords—to simplify closing the tent, hydraulic lift struts for ease of opening with locking mechanism to lock the tent open, two arched side doors with full mosquito mesh and two overlapping rear doors that have a variable opening system for privacy and ventilation. The Columbus Carbon is available in small and medium sizes. Standard color is medium grey shell with dark carbon grey fabric.

Storage nets, useful for sleeping bags, towels and personal belongings.

Key Features

Sleeping Arrangements

Two mattress sizes to choose from: “Small” and “Medium” are both 81″ long,

Super light and slippery

Perfect for car camping whenever light weight is important. The Columbus Carbon Fiber weighs 25% less than the same size Columbus Variant. Go light!.

Super strong

The Carbon Fiber shell is not only light—it’s incredibly strong. This tent can take a beating..

Ready in an instant

There simply isn’t an easier to use, faster to set-up shelter on the market. One latch to open and, like the Columbus Variant, it pops up ready for use instantly.

Looks and performance are built-in

The latest in aerospace materials, European fabrics and Italian design are artfully blended with old-world craftsmanship.

“We love our Columbus Carbon Fiber tent! We took your advice about setting up our bedding and now my wife now insists on sleeping in the tent instead of motels—it’s that comfortable. We just returned from Baja and it functioned perfectly…”

— Chris G., California

Columbus Carbon Fiber Details and pricing

Select a Shell/Fabric Color option to view prices.

  • Small

    Model No. CCF/01
    Shell/Fabric Color

    Light Grey/Dark Carbon


    Exterior: 51″ x 83″ x 12″
    Mattress: 48″ x 79″ x 2.6″
    Height: 59″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 92 lbs.


  • Medium

    Model No. CCF/02
    Shell/Fabric Color

    Light Grey/Dark Carbon


    Exterior: 57″ x 83″ x 12″
    Mattress: 55″ x 81″ x 2.6″
    Height: 59″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 103 lbs.


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Prices do not include applicable taxes, duties, crating or shipping charges.