Built for the long haul—our toughest Maggiolina

Forged in many thousands of miles of the most grueling off-road use, the Extreme was originally built for pre-runners on the Paris-Dakar Rally. This is the tent you need when a rugged adventure awaits you.

The Maggiolina Extreme is fitted with two adjustable load bars on the upper shell, compatible with Thule Aero™ accessories, that can support top loads up to the available rated limits of the rack system and vehicle—surf boards, kayaks, bicycles, or a top pack with essential gear. The crank-driven lift mechanism is specially reinforced to lift smoothly with minimum effort.

Like all our tents the bottom shell is double fiberglass with foam sandwich for strength, rigidity, and cold weather insulation and is fitted with a removable, 3½” thick closed-cell foam mattress. The Extreme is durable, water- and dust-proof, and suitable for camping the toughest conditions. The lightweight, locking alloy ladder offers stable access and collapses for stowing inside the tent—a ladder storage bag is included….

Now available in the Black Storm model! Newly introduced is the Extreme Black Storm, with a black shell and dark carbon grey fabric. The Black Storm models have a stealthy appeal that many campers like!

Adjustable, removable load bars let you carry items on the roof of your tent.

Key Features

Sleeping Arrangements

Two tent sizes to choose from—both with 72” long mattresses. For two adults, the “Small” model is comfortable. For two adults and a child, or if you prefer more space, look at the “Medium” model.

Born rugged

The Extreme was originally developed for use by pre-runners on the Paris to Dakar Rally. It remains true to its heritage—the toughest roof top tent you can buy. Anywhere.

Carry stuff on top

The Extreme is fitted with an a pair of adjustable, Thule-compatible roof cross bars and a beefed up roof and crank system, It can carry a piggy-back roof rack for a kayak, bicycle, spare tire… what do you need to carry?

Stability in a wind

Due to the crank up design, the tent sides can be tensioned to resist winds of more than 50 miles per hour… and remain quiet so you can get some sleep.

Warmth in cold weather

The Maggiolina design provides over 4″ of insulation beneath the occupant, and both thermal and acoustic insulation in the ceiling.

Looks and performance are built-in

Optional colors, European fabrics and Italian design are artfully blended with old-world craftsmanship.

Expedition Portal reviews the Maggiolina Extreme Roof Top Tent


“Maggiolina sets a new level of expectation for roof top tents”

by Chris Ramm, Photography by Chris Ramm & Sarah Ramm
Published on August 18th, 2016

Maggiolina Extreme Details and Pricing

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  • Small

    Model No. M/05


    Exterior: 51″ x 83″ x 13″
    Mattress: 48″ x 72″ x 3.2″
    Height: 34″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 143 lbs.

  • Medium

    Model No. M/06


    Exterior: 57″ x 83″ x 13″
    Mattress: 54″ x 72″ x 3.2″
    Height: 34″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 152 lbs.

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