Our top-of-the-line Maggiolina

The AutoHome tradition of small, but constant, improvements has resulted in the top-of-the-line Maggiolina roof top tent—the Grand Tour. Available in three sizes, the Grand Tour offers all the design and engineering advantages common to all Maggiolina tents, with three significant improvements over other Maggiolina models…additional head space when set up, a ”door within a door” that allows for air circulation AND privacy, and the capability to fit a removable roof rack using the optional “Fit Kit”.

Our Grand Tour roof top tent is constructed of marine quality fiberglass, laid up by hand in the AutoHome factory, and employs special impact resistant resins to assure long term durability.

The bottom shell of the Grand Tour is fiberglass with foam sandwich insulation, and is fitted with a removable, 3½” inch thick closed cell foam mattress. Removable mattress cover and pillows are included. The Grand Tour is durable, water and dust proof, and suitable for travel and camping in any weather.

The small and medium versions of the Grand Tour are configured for the roof bar using a Fit Kit, perfect for transporting sporting and camping equipment.

The Grand Tour is provided pre-drilled for the available ”Fit Kit” that provides a sturdy base for fitting a standard, gutter mounted roof rack system. This can be used to transport surfboards, kayaks or similar lighter loads that can’t fit inside the vehicle. Very handy.

Key Features

Sleeping Arrangements

Three tent sizes to choose from—two with 72” long mattresses. The Large with a 75” long mattress. For two adults, the “Small” model is comfortable. For two adults and a child, or if you prefer more space, look at the “Medium” model. For two adults and two children, choose the Grand Tour large.

Max headroom

The Grand Tour has more headroom than any other Maggiolina—a full 38″ from the mattress to the headliner.

A door in a door

The doors of the Grand Tour provide for access, privacy, and ventilation—totally configurable so you can optimize to meet requirements.

Carry stuff on top

Add the optional Fit Kit and the Grand Tour can carry a piggy-back roof rack for a kayak, surf board, or bicycle…what have you got to carry?

Comfort in any weather

Whatever the weather the Grand Tour will keep you dry and comfortable. Insulation top and bottom assures warmth, the convertible doors and breathable fabric keep out rain and snow.

Looks and performance are built-in

Standard model or our optional colors, European materials, fabrics, and Italian design are artfully blended with old-world craftsmanship.

Proven worldwide

The Maggiolina design has been proven in over 50 years of service on six continents. Why gamble?

“… we used our Maggiolina pretty heavily for a year in Central America. We probably spent 100–200 nights in it. Until you’ve tried one, you can’t imagine how much more convenient and comfortable they are.”

— Steve and Jocelyn Broyles

Maggiolina Grand Tour Details and Pricing

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  • Small

    Model No. M/12


    Exterior: 51″ x 83″ x 14″
    Mattress: 48″ x 72″ x 3.2″
    Height: 38″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 128 lbs.

  • Medium

    Model No. M/13


    Exterior: 57″ x 83″ x 14″
    Mattress: 54″ x 72″ x 3.2″
    Height: 38″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 136 lbs.

  • Large

    Model No. M/14


    Exterior: 63″ x 85″ x 14″
    Mattress: 63″ x 74″ x 3.2″
    Height: 38″ (Mattress to ceiling-tallest)
    Weight: 161 lbs.

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