Photos of owner’s tents and vehicles

Below is a gallery with pictures we’ve received from friends and customers, something of a “Rogues’ Gallery.” These images will probably inspire you, but they will also give you a feel of how our tents will fit on your vehicle roof top. These tents or “campers” were all designed to mount on two or more aftermarket crossbars; we like to use 3 bars to spread the load on off-road vehicles.

Our favorite mounting systems come from Thule and Yakima, but we use Graber and Quick-n-Easy sometimes too. You will also see some very nice custom racks.

Select your vehicle brand

Select the type of car or trailer from the list below. If we don’t have a photo of your model, contact us as we’re constantly receiving new photos. And we love to receive photos from our Happy Campers. If you would like to share, just email us at .