Customers talk about AutoHome

“We just used our new Columbus Carbon Fiber tent on our recent trip to Baja. We took your advice, and fitted the inside with a pillow top, sheets and a quilt—fantastic comfort! My wife now PREFERS the Columbus to sleeping in motels—it’s that comfortable. The tent is very simple to set up and pops up in a couple of seconds. We don’t even notice the tent on top of the Toyota—even at highway speeds. A terrific product, please refer people to me if you need a reference.”

Chris Gendusa, Livermore, CA

“I consider my Maggiolina an essential piece of kit. It has served me well on many adventures. if you like to travel by vehicle…you need an AutoHome.”

Chris Cole

“A definite thumbs up on the Maggiolina and Overcamp tents. We used them on a two-month romp around West Africa last year. I have to say that they performed brilliantly. We used three Overcamps and a Maggiolina Adventure model. …both are absolutely excellent products.”

In addition, Rich gave us incredible support in preparing for the trip. He sent us extra ladders (you need the longer of the two ladders they offer for the Overcamp for use on top of a Land Rover), some spare bits (which we didn’t need) as well as mounting ideas and tips on keeping them working well. A great guy, a great company to deal with and a great product.

Paul Shumway, Expedition Leader and co-founder of Drive the Globe

“The Maggiolina AirLand model I own has an insulated ceiling and a nice thick mattress, which keeps it warm and cozy even on the coldest of nights. I spent a few nights in it up at Mt. Rainier National Park last summer; the temperature dropped to near freezing. Luckily the design of this tent helps hold in the heat, so I wasn’t cold at all. It was a little chilly outside the down comforter, but I slept like a baby under the comforter with flannel sheets. It was just like sleeping at home.”

“Sleeping in the tent brings back childhood memories of building tree forts (if you were into that sort of thing). It’s a cool/safe feeling being up off of the ground and not having to worry about rain puddles or mud entering your tent. I’ve been camping my entire life, and I love that this tent stays much cleaner than tents on the ground. It would be very hard to go back to a ground style tent after spending time high and dry.”

Corey Tando, Washington State

“Had chance to use the new Maggiolina AirLand this past weekend—We were in the 90 degree heat as well as 38 degree cold—The tents performance was excellent. Easy to set up (just a quick cranking lifts the tent) The tent comes with a firm foam mattress (very comfortable for two adults) and two pillows (also comfortable)—The inside is roomy with plenty of ventilation. In the cold climate we zipped up and stayed warm just from body heat. There is ample room for storing the bedding when closed. With the tent in the closed position and it’s very aerodynamic design, driving down the road you hardly notice you have a tent mounted. Now with this tent I have less gear to load and store, leaving room for other gear. All in all—a superior purchase and a fine edition to traveling.”

“Did I mention that I love this tent?”

Pasquale Benedetto ‘Desertdude’, Sedona, Arizona

“Not sure if you remember me… First thing I want to say is thank you. Thank you, thank you thank you. I never dreamed when I purchased the Maggiolina that what I would be getting was a home on wheels. The tent has proven itself, and in some ways paid for itself (I drove across the country, from California to Mass. and didn’t spend a cent on hotel rooms) I timed how long it took me to pop it up. 38 seconds. I would like to see someone set up a tent that fast. It got me through 100+ deg, 45mph wind at Burning Man without even trying, and then in Vermont it took negative 10 in a hail storm—blizzard with nothing more then a 40° sleeping bag and a small sportscat heater. This thing is a dream.”

“Thank you again for the outstanding customer service. Meeting me out there and hooking me up the way you did was well beyond any other service I have received in the past.”

Josh Hartung, out there somewhere

“We’ve had our AutoHome Columbus for 2 years now and still love it. We got it for a month long trip to Alaska, and slept in it every night. It was so nice to just pop the top and camp was basically set up. It was great because several of the camp sites we went to were for RV’s only, no tent camping, and they let us in—the worlds smallest RV. Wonderful product.”

Rebecca and Dave, Aspen, Colorado