Handmade Quality

Consistent with the tradition of quality established many years ago, Autohome continues to offer the finest roof top shelters in the world

Our popular Maggiolina, Columbus and new Air Top tents are made with resilient outer shells of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Every shell is laid up entirely by hand in our factory. We do this to assure that our products are the highest possible quality. Fiberglass, especially, has certain qualities that make it nearly ideal for our roof top tent—resilience under impact , thermal and acoustic properties, maintainability, and universal ease of repair, should it become necessary. Carbon fiber offers benefits including superior strength combined with great weight savings where these qualities are needed.

The fabrics (Dralon and AirTex), mattress foam, threads, insulating materials and other components are also chosen and assembled with care by AutoHome engineers and craftspeople. These materials are selected according to their suitability, durability, and sustanability. For more on materials, see our Details page.

AutoHome tents are proudly handmade in Italy by highly qualified technicians.