The primary benefits in getting your tent up off the ground areā€¦

  • Your shelter is always with you and ready for a comfortable night’s sleep, which gives you a great deal of freedom
  • Moving your sleeping quarters to the roof means that you have much more space in your vehicle, and no need to unpack to set up a comfortable place to sleep
  • You don’t need a place to pitch your tent—so you can ‘camp’ anywhere—even RV parks that do not allow traditional tent camping.
  • Fast and easy setup, even in the dark, equally fast and easy take down in the morning, even when the weather is wet and cold.
  • Your vehicle stays cooler because the roof is shaded by the tent.
  • Your tent also provides ready storage of your bedding and some equipment.
  • AutoHome tents offer great ventilation and good view
  • Fewer worries about insects, snakes, wildlife and other things that go bump in the night.
  • Your tent—being up off the ground, will collect much less sand and dirt to contend with
  • Sleeping on rocks or puddles is a thing of the past. Now you can camp anywhere your vehicle takes you—just park, pop open your tent, and get comfortable
  • The list goes on, and you are only limited by your imagination.
There are many people who have discovered the benefits of AutoHome tents. While the heavy canvas roof top tents offered by other makers are primarily designed for African or Australian travel conditions, AutoHome tents have a wider appeal. The owner who explores the back country in a 4X4 vehicle is a small but vital segment of our customer base. But many owners use their tent in support of their outdoor sports activities—mountain biking, surfing, sail-boarding, skiing and snow boarding, canoeists and kayakers, climbers and hikers, hunters, scuba divers, fishermen, and bird watchers. Professional people who work in the outdoors also comprise a small but growing group of owners—geologists, wildlife biologists, and photographers among them. Our tents have also been put to work by relief workers, oil platform workers, long haul drivers, and others who need a comfortable place to sleep wherever they find themselves at the end of the day.
We first saw the prototype of the Columbus Carbon Fiber in the Spring of 2005 at the AutoHome factory. It incorporates many of the features, design and materials of the latest Columbus Variants—but with a 100% carbon fiber shell. The tent is super light and super strong. It weighs only 73 lbs. (versus 95 lbs. for the fiberglass) in the small size, and 81 lbs. (versus 108 lbs.) in the medium size. On average it is 25% lighter, and even stronger than the fiberglass models. This model has become quite popular among those who want the durability of an AutoHome tent, and the lightest possible weight.

The newest Carbon Fiber model is the Maggiolina Carbon Fiber… sleek, strong and lightweight, We have already sold several, as many of the first production units as we could get, and the owners report that they really like these tents.
These tents are rather new to North America, even through they have been made since the 1950’s and have been proven in use all over the globe. We exhibit at many of the shows in the West. We have dealers in some areas. Otherwise, there are a number of owners throughout the country who would be happy to show you their tents and how they work. Check our “Where to See” page, or give us a call and we will track down someone in your area that has a tent similar to one you may be interested in and is willing to show it to you.

Call us (888-852-2359) and we’ll try to connect you with an AutoHome owner in your area.
AutoHome tents are designed to mount simply on a couple of Thule, Yakima or other aftermarket crossbars, the same as you would use to carry your bicycles, canoe or kayak. The rack system transfers the weight to the structural parts of your car’s roof. All roof racks carry a dynamic weight rating, to provide guidance on the tested limitations of the rack system when the vehicle is in motion. Most racks carry a maximum 165 pound dynamic rating, which means the rack can support 165 pounds of weight while driving down the road. AutoHome tents weigh between 92 and 158 pounds, so the rack system can easily handle the weight on most vehicles. When you are occupying to tent, this is a “static load”, much more gentle and the racks can easily handle this weight. Always check with the manufacturer of your car and of your roof rack to determine the applicable weight limitations as they vary from vehicle to vehicle.
All AutoHome tents are ready to use out of the box. They come complete with an excellent mattress-grade foam mattress in a washable cover, pillows, ladder, mosquito netting, even a night light on some models. We have accessories available from awnings to lift kits to easily remove and store your tent up in your garage’s ceiling above and out of the way but still ready in a moment’s notice. You can set these tents up with sheets and blankets and you will be as comfortable as you are in your bed at home.
Yes, all AutoHome tents are expedition quality and can additionally be fitted with a winter hood for very severe weather. These hoods can even be useful in the desert where there are high winds and extreme temperature drops at night.
Yes, the Maggiolina and Columbus models are marine grade fiberglass; you can paint them. We strongly recommend you keep the top white because even though the roofs are insulated, white will reflect the sun’s heat better and keep everything cooler inside your tent. AutoHome tents even shade your vehicle’s roof keeping it much cooler in sunny conditions.
The Maggiolina roof top tent has been in production since the 1950’s. The first models here were the Adventure and OnLine. They were designed for maximum utility. The new AirLand Plus, Grand Tour, and Extreme models are more aerodynamic—because of fuel prices and the higher speed the new SUV’s and trucks now travel. Back in the 80’s, 65 mph was screaming in a Land Cruiser or Land Rover.

We now carry in stock the three Maggiolina models most demanded in the North American market—the AirLand Plus, Grand Tour, and Extreme. These models are identical in materials, workmanship, and overall quality, but have been designed to meet specific user needs. Other models are available on special order—inquire about special order if there is a specific tent you are interested in.